Thursday, May 25, 2017

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I don't want to adult today...

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We had a pretty rough morning today. Getting everyone off to school.
This pin popped into my head while I was trying to convince Logan to get dressed.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Firehouse Pizza Alfredo Sauce

 After Marissa's performance we headed to Firehouse Pizzeria to celebrate.
On our way there we were reminiscing about how when Marissa was about 2 years old she would drink the alfredo dipping sauce at this particular restaurant because she loved it so much.
Guess what we caught Ian her twin at heart doing!?
Enjoying the exact same alfredo sauce 10 years later.

Cheers to alfredo sauce.
Marissa looks like she is going to throw up again in this picture.
Poor girl. She crashed into bed as soon as we got home.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Barfing and Beauty and the Beast

Marissa's Up With Kids Beauty and Beast play was one for our family history books.
She woke the day of the play not feeling very well but went off to school anyhow.
20 minutes after dropping her off she called to come home and threw up several times.
Which would have been fine any other day except on this day she had to 2 performances of Beauty and the Beast to do and she had a main part!

 The poor girl moaned and groaned on the couch for a couple of hours. Barfed a few times and then pulled it together long enough to do her noon performance. Which she totally rocked! She was Mauricia (Belle's Mom)
 Then she came home threw up a few more times. Slept for 4 hours and then headed back for her evening performance.
 I was so proud of her not just because she was sick and I can't imagine singing and dancing around on a stage feeling the way she did....
 ...but I was also proud of her because she nailed all of her lines including her monologue. She was adorable with the little kids she got to act with. She had 4 costume changes and was in most of the dances. She was just great all around and I loved watching her.

Great job Marissa! Woot! Woot!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Ethan's Graduation

Ethan, Andrew's little brother graduated this month from Utah State with his Master's in Education.
We had a great time with his little family.

Ethan and Tiana.
Drew, Katie, Mckenzie, and Jackson.

After the graduation we went to Aggie Ice Cream.
Here is Ian with his good little buddies Jackson and Drew.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Brain Development and Screen Time

Caleb is my fourth child. He is 5 years old. He love, love, loves playing his i pad, wii games, computer games, and watching TV. This has kinda been new territory for me as a mom. None of my three older kids have cared this much about electronics.

We recently entered the world of Minecraft. I had heard about it a lot here and there but my kids had never gotten into it until Caleb discovered it. So like I do with all things new to me as a mom I researched it. A lot. We decided that creative mode was an acceptable level for a 5 year old to play and dove into this new world of Minecraft.

Things were going smoothly (I have to admit building your own world is pretty cool and I love seeing what my kids come up with) until Caleb figured out that other kids he knows can play peaceful and survival mode Minecraft. This is all I have heard about for about 3 months now from Caleb....

"why can't I play survival mode! mom!"

"so and so can play it, why can't I?"

And on and on and on.

So after he rants for a while we have the same conversation that goes like this.....

Me: "Caleb, you are five years old and your brain is still developing. Do you think that playing games that encourage being mean to animals and killing zombies is a good game to play?"

Caleb: "No."

Me: "Do you want to have a nice brain or a mean brain?"

Caleb: "Nice."

Me: "Great!"

Caleb: "When will my brain stop developing so I can play survival mode?"

 (I just listened to this great podcast about brains and new research shows that the human brain keeps developing until 25. Crazy huh!)

Me: "25."

Caleb: "Okay."

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Kennedy's Birthday at Hogle Zoo

 My brother (Kennedy's Dad) set up a really cool birthday party for Kennedy.
We got to go with a trainer and see them work with the Orangatan's.
What a neat experience.
 Here the trainer is giving Akara the command to open her mouth.
The kids were able to give the command too.
Over and over and over.
Then we learned about Orangutans and how they are endangered.
And how mischievous they can be when people accidentally drop their cell phones and such accidentally into their habitat.

Then we had yummy pizza, cake, and ice cream!
Fun day!