Friday, January 19, 2018

The Sun

In the winter I feel like a Greek worshiping the sun. 
If it is sunny you can often find me sitting by a window enjoying its warm glow. 

Logan and Caleb

Matching Pokemon shirts.
Planned of course to wear to school on the same day.

The Art Center

 When I designed my kitchen I knew we needed a lot of storage for art supplies.

1. because I am a total succor for art supplies
2. my kids love doing art
3. we have a lot of supplies mostly left over from preschool

I finally got around to gathering up all of our supplies (well most of them, I still need to tackle the mess that is in the basement) and organized them. I love being organized. The world doesn't make sense unless it is thoroughly organized in my opinion.

Marissa Swimming

Avery, Marissa's beloved private swim instructor. She is amazing and has truly inspired Marissa to be a great swimmer. She is almost ready to try out for the local swim team thanks to Avery!


 Baking cookies with Mom on a cold wintry day.

Disneyland Mugs

Happy Birthday from Grandma and Grandpa!



Favorite Pictures of 2017

It was a monumental snow year. Several snow days which meant no school which meant giant snow man building.

Piano Guys Concert.
Swinging in a hammock next to Old Main with my sweety.

Our house framed!

Disneyland with this awesome girl!

Our epic trip to Ohio to visit this great lady Great Grandma Ida.

Watching the fireworks at USU's stadium. My all time favorite tradition. I get chills just thinking about it. I am a patriot through and through.
A Young Women!

Living with this great family The Seamons. It was the longest play date ever (7 weeks, 10 kids). Here they are lined up according to age. Nate, Marissa, Tyler, Addison, Logan, William, Caleb, Owen, Ian, and Lucas.
The creepiest Zombie ever!
Delivering cookies to the Fire Stations.

Kind of a strange picture but to me it represents HOME. We finally made it into our new house where memories, laughter, and love will fill its walls for years and years and years to come. We learned a lot this year. Hard things and good. It was a year we will never forget. Cheers to 2018!